5 Spring Yard Tips



Tips to Prep Your Yard for Spring

Once the first official frost is no longer a threat, don’t you just want to run out into your yard and start Spring Landscaping?   All winter long the excuse of it being too cold, or everything is covered with snow is no longer an issue.  Although there still may be chilly days and overnight freezing, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Spring is almost here, so now is a good time to start planning for gardening, landscaping, and increasing your curb appeal.. Here are 5 tips to also help you prepare your outdoor areas for gorgeous landscaping.

1) Do your Research & Planning:  Are you going to Do It Yourself? Then it’s best to plan a strategy, utilize a local nursery, and maybe request assistance from knowledgable neighbor.  Are you going to hire a Professional Landscaper?  This is easiest and stress free method, so you can enjoy your weekends & weather!  Quality Professionals tend get booked fast, so call early!

2) Follow Recommended Planting & Pruning Suggestions: Before you get too excited in the garden, know the climate/zone for your home. Choose plants appropriate for how much sun exposure the areas receive during the day, and plant at the suggested time of year.  Not every plant is to be started nor pruned in early Spring.  When you choose to hire a Professional Landscaper, Quadscapes will be aware of all these details necessary taking both the guess work and “work” off your hands.

3) Prepare for Lawn Maintenance:  Are you planning to maintain & mow the yard yourself? Be sure to remove all debris from yard & planting beds both, but work gently.  No aggressive raking early season. Also time to prep Mower-  sharpen the blades, tune up, fuel clean & ready. Ready to enjoy Warmer Weather & Hire a Lawn Maintenance Service to do all the work?  Call Early- we book up fast!  Quadscapes offers Professional Maintenance Services for your Lawn Care needs.

4) Protect Beds with Mulch:  Mulch protects the planting beds and sprouting plants too.  Mulch should be layered  2-4″ deep, and comes in a few colors.  Be aware that there are different types of mulches, as well as different colors, and these all come at different prices per yard typically.  Quadscapes does offer Mulch Installation Services to save you time, effort, and guess work on the quantities needed.

5) Spring Clean the Garden Shed & Garage:  It’s finally nice enough out to get outside!  A great time to get the sheds & garages reorganized for change in parking arrangements, get family’s bikes out & ready to ride, find where stashed away tools, hoses, ladders, get outdoor furniture out & cleaned,etc. Time to complete the “honey-do list,”so can get out to enjoy warmer temps!